Category: Tequila

The style of tequila that started it all. Clear and transparent, fresh from the still, called Blanco (white or silver), bottled immediately after the distillation process, has a true bouquet and flavor of the blue agave, traditionally enjoyed in a “caballito” (4oz tequila snifter glass).

Reposado or Rested. A Blanco that has been rested in white oak casks or vats called “pipones” for more than two months and up to a year, giving a mellow taste and pleasing bouquet as well as its pale color. Reposado tends to be gentler on the palet.

Añejo or aged beginning as a blanco, aged in white oak casks for more than a year. The amber colors and woody flavors are picked up from the oak and the oxidation that takes place through the porous wood develops the unique bouquet and smooth taste.